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Designer Children’s Fashion: A Growing Phenomenon!

Over the last decade the popularity of designer children’s clothing has skyrocketed! Many celebrity and societal elites have long wanted to dress their children in their favorite designer collections. To their pleasure, various fashion houses have answered the demand by creating ‘Mini Me’ collections. Brands such as, Gucci, Emporio Armani, Moncler, Moschino, Fendi, Kenzo, Balmain, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, BOSS, Karl Lagerfeld and many more, have all integrated a children’s wear branch, in hopes to further establish themselves and grow their brand within the fashion industry. This movement has helped drive luxury childrenswear into the same trend cycle as womenswear and menswear, as brands respond to demand by introducing originality. It is of no surprise that celebrities are the trendsetters within our society and the world of luxury childrenswear is increasingly becoming part of the trend. Everyone is constantly searching for the latest product on the market. Through the use of social media, Instagram bloggers/influencers have been influential in promoting the trend of ‘Mini-Me’ fashion.

The Kardashian and Jenner Family are no strangers to the world of designer apparel and have often been spotted dressing their little fashionista’s in the latest ‘Mini-Me’ looks. Earlier this month, the reality television stars and socialites, Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner were seen on the Ellen DeGeneres show, along with 6 of Kris Jenner’s grandchildren. For the occasion, Kourtney Kardashians daughter, Penelope, was sporting a red knit dress with navy ‘Gucci’ print detailing and Mason, Kourtney’s son, was rocking a white, navy and powder blue Fendi jogging suit. Penelope was wearing a Mini Me look inspired by the Gucci adults collection. This latest public adventure was not the only time the media have come across famous celebrity children wearing designer apparel.

While this ‘Mini-Me’ trend has been popular in Europe, Middle East and Asia for quite some time, it has only recently started to gain popularity in North America. Musician and global fashion icon, Beyoncé, has played a huge role in influencing other North American mom’s to follow suit. Through fashion, she has emphasized the luxury element of childrenswear and has strayed away from the traditional notions of childrenswear as being ‘functional’ or ‘practical’ by nature. Both Beyoncé and daughter, Blue Ivy, were seen in Paris wearing matching floral print Gucci dresses. This is a clear example of how ‘celebrity culture’ is popularizing designer mini me trends.

Luxury designer children’s clothing is ‘all the craze’ among the elite. When the general public sees celebrities and their children dawning the latest in luxury fashion, it is only natural for parents to envision these looks for themselves and their little ‘Mini Me’s’. This passion for fashion and creativity, has allowed fashion houses to further market them selves as a multi-category lifestyle brand. It is clear that childrenswear is no longer viewed as being ‘functional’ or ‘practical’, but rather in its own realm of luxury fashion. The world of ‘kiddy couture’ is here to stay!